Se propone un modelo para aumentar la eficiencia en los procesos de cosecha y transporte haciendo uso de una logística adecuada. El modelo puede utilizarse en otros procesos.

Dennis R. Buckmaster, James W. Hilton 
Computers and Electronics in Agriculture 47 (2005) 137-147

Cycle diagrams are relatively simple tools that can provide insight concerning the interaction of equipment and operational changes on dynamic agricultural systems. However, they are tedious to generate by hand which makes it time consuming to compare system alternatives. Cycle analysis principles were implemented in a spreadsheet so machine and system performance variables can be quickly evaluated. The template can be used to evaluate harvesters with and without on-board storage as well as harvesters that can and cannot unload while harvesting. Machine capacity, operational data and parameter inputs are required for each machine and operation. Outputs include cycle time, system capacity, and idle time for each machine. Efficiency measures of harvester, transporter, unloader, and labor utilization (h work of work per h real time) are computed. Often, the harvester is the most expensive machine, so an evaluation of its actual field efficiency (compared to what it could do if other factors were non-limiting) can be enlightening. An equation for required transport capacity to fully utilize a harvester is derived. The spreadsheet implementation of cycle analysis and more detailed documentation of the equations and the example herein are available on the internet at: