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A New Aapresid Congress is being organized: "The Element C of Life"

Within the framework of Expoagro, Aapresid presented a new edition of its traditional Congress that will be held from August 9th to August 11th at Salón Metropolitano in Rosario.


Photo: The presentation of the upcoming Aapresid congress at Expoagro. David Roggero, President of Aapresid, Daniel Costamagna, Minister of Production, Science and Technology of Santa Fe, Pablo Javkin, Mayor of Rosario and Nicolas Bronzovich, Deputy Director of the program Programa Prospectiva of Aapresid.

As usual in the framework of the Expoagro mega-exhibition, the Asociación Argentina de Productores en Siembra Directa launched its Congress on Thursday, March 9th. With all expectations set for the month of August, the event will be held at the Salón Metropolitano in Rosario on August 9th, 10th and 11th and will have the singularity of being live streamed on the virtual platform developed by them.

Together with authorities of the Government of the Province of Santa Fe and authorities of the institution, the main news of the upcoming agricultural event were announced. In this event, we have the participation of the Minister of Production, Science and Technology of Santa Fe, Daniel Costamagna, the Mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin, the President of Aapresid, David Roggero and the Deputy Director of the program Programa Prospectiva of Aapresid, Nicolás Bronzovich.

Over three decades, the Aapresid Congress has established itself as the most important knowledge and technology event in agriculture in our country and a worldwide reference. As a reference of a genuine network of updates, exchange and debate on the latest advances in sustainable production of food, fiber and energy, and as a conceptual guidance for innovation scenarios.

According to David Roggero, President of Aapresid, the agriculture of Argentina has an opportunity to produce more and better food in a sustainable way. "We know how to produce sustainably and be a global reference in agricultural innovation. In each portion of cultivated land, we have a natural carbon-sequestering machine, regulating global warming and improving the soil. We can guarantee a lower carbon footprint: not only to be recognized by global consumers, but also to allow Argentine producers to capture the value of a better production."

He also added: "In addition to a political-economic framework of predictability to make this opportunity come true, we need dialogue and partnership. From Aapresid we want to continue contributing to this dialogue on how we can develop the approach to agriculture that we want."


PHOTO: David Roggero, President of Aapresid. 

In turn, Nicolás Bronzovich, Deputy Director of the Program Programa Prospectiva of Aapresid, explained the purpose of the new Congress to the attendees: "Today I am here to talk about CARBON. Carbon is a key element without which life on Earth is not possible. It is in almost everything we touch, use, wear, and eat. Our president spoke to us about the challenges and opportunities we have as a food, fiber and energy producing and exporting country and CARBON is a common denominator in that list. This year we want that the Congress were precisely the space to discuss multiple strategies of CARBON. So the upcoming Aapresid Congress will be called just "C".

On the other hand, Bronzovich made reference to the fact that every year; the Aapresid Congress is the place where the models of sustainability dialogue with the agronomic, economic and political strategies to improve everyone's life, so that Carbon ends up being the common denominator. "The Aapresid Congress is a space that brings together the most important national and international experts and academics. But it is also a space that owes much of the richness of its content to its attendees. Each edition gives the most valuable knowledge that comes from the collective construction of those who wander its corridors and corners. That is why, over the years, this congress ceased to be Aapresid's congress to become the congress of Argentine agriculture."

Bronzovich also announced the dynamics and the main topics that will be addressed at the 31st Congress. There will be 6 conference rooms, where 90 sessions will be held, organized into 9 main topics: soil health and climate change, bioeconomy, biotechnology, agroecological systems, integrated systems, crop management, machinery and new technologies, legislation and public policies, and education and communication. 

In addition to the conference rooms, attendees will be able to enjoy the commercial area and the machinery inventory. The Congress will be a space designed for the long-awaited meeting, networking and the exchange of knowledge, with the common goal of innovating in sustainability.

In his part, the Mayor of Rosario, Pablo Javkin, expressed his gratitude for the ratification of Rosario as the venue for the event. "If one year I had to be thankful for this event in the history of the city, it is this year, because it is an opportunity to show what generates the city, its life, its people and all its good things."

Then, the Minister of Production, Science and Technology of Santa Fe, Daniel Costamagna, added: "Those who dreamed of this in Aapresid certainly struggled to achieve it. We are very pleased to once again host this Congress in our province and to continue investing in this province. Congratulations".


Photo. With a room full of participants, it was announced the date, place and motto of the upcoming Aapresid Congress.

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